The 8th East Asia Plant Variety Protection Forum Meeting Held in Seoul

2015.09.25 Republic of Korea

The 8th EAPVP Forum_集合写真.jpeg

Korea Seed and Variety Service held the 8th East Asia Plant Variety Protection Forum Meeting in Seoul, Korea.

◆Date and Venue

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 The EAPVP Forum Meeting

-Venue: HOTEL PRESIDENT, Seoul, Korea

◆Attendees :

Delegates from ASEAN + 3 countries namely Brunei Darussalam,
Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar,
Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam plus China, Korea and Japan.

Representatives from UPOV and Others

◆Executive Office: Japan Association for Techno-innovation in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (JATAFF)

◆Relevant materials : Click the files Below.

0-a Forum Welcome remarks by Mr Mookyoung Yoon(KSVS).pdf
0-b opening remarks by Mr Peter Button(UPOV).pdf
0-c welcome remark by Mr Iwase.pdf
01. Hosting EAPVPF Meeting 2016_Viet Nam.pdf
02. UPOV_8th EAPVPF development_Jun Koide.pdf
B-2)Priority and criteria 2015-16.pdf
B-3)Summary of Proposed Activities in 2015-2016.pdf
B-4)Proposed Implementation Schedule of EAPVPF Cooperation Activities 2015-2016.pdf

-Country Report
01. Brunei country report.pdf
02. Cambodia country report.pdf
03. China country report.pdf
04. Indonesia country report.pdf
05. Japan Country Report.pdf
06. Korea country report.pdf
07. Lao PDR Country Report.pdf
08. Malaysia Country Report.pdf
09. Myanmar Country Report.pdf
10. Singapore Country Report.pdf
11. Thailand Country Report.pdf
12. Vietnam Country Report.pdf

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